Democracy will NEVER disappear. It might get kicked into the basement for a time, but Human people will never, ever let it go for good, because it is Natural Law. At least, the freedoms that come with it are, and maybe we'll come up with a better or different name for it, but... So saith the dog.

Another excellent post, PC. And I am pleased to see that you can discuss the "Jewish" issue with forthright honesty, as it should be presented, since you describe the problem without any hint of racism or other means of being shouted down and cancelled... Thank you, and your other commenters, from someone who springs from religion like a cat from a snake, which is pretty acrobatic of me, a canine type... ;)

It sickens me to see those who leap upon the word "Jewish" when talking about the Extremely Wealthy as if this is an indication of ALL Jewish people, that somehow it is a sickness that is genetically embedded in every single Jewish person!! The absurdity of the thinking of some folks... So this post and the comments are a balm for that, and I'm not even Jewish.

Cheers, and Cheers to the others commenting, a reasonable, intelligent, decent post-post. ^_^

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Thanks for nailing this summary to the wall. The only problem I have is continuing to call the Rothschilds "Jewish." They were no more Jewish than Bill Gates is "American." All of these tyrants no matter how cultured they appear on the surface must be corralled together in the same cage of super-rich oppressors. I was born Jewish but ran from it as fast as I could when I realized the problem was much bigger -- ALL monotheisms were and are a disastrous wrong turn for the human race, whether Jewish, Christian, or Islamic. Monotheism leached out the richness and sanity of a sacred connection to the Goddess via nature, substituting patriarchy, the class system, a priestly caste (whether religious or economic) and the military constructed to protect their wealth. There are plenty of other bankers and evil-doers who are not Jewish yet you don't label them "Christians" or "Moslems." Repeatedly using the word "Jewish" to single out certain oppressors smacks of anti-Semitism. Try asking the ghosts of those who perished in the pogroms or under Hitler what they think of that label attached to bankers and factory owners who cared nothing for those who died like annoying insects exterminated so the social Darwinist "winners" could sit together at the banquet table and stuff themselves until the end.

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I also would like to add to M. Brownstein's comment. I agree with everything you have written but I don't like that you characterize the Rothschilds as Jewish. If they are Jews, they don't behave as Jews, i.e funding Hitler. When bad actors commit atrocities one never hears them characterized as "Christians". Why is that?

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Hateful family, no ethics, they are all inbred to have faulty psychotic brain cells, the power gene is all that counts. No sense if humanity.

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In Eustace Mullins' book "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve," there are charts illustrating how the Fed and its member banks are connected to the families of Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller, etc...

"The control that these banking families exert over the global economy cannot be overstated and is quite intentionally shrouded in secrecy. Their corporate media arm is quick to discredit any information exposing this private central banking cartel as a conspiracy theory."

There reaches a point when greedy megalomaniacs can "no" longer hide behind Judaism and say you're antisemitic if you point to examples of how they've exploited humanity for money and power.

If millions of lives are immiserated by economic policies directly devised by your dictates and those policies cause mass deaths you're not someone who believes in a theology or any spirituality which elevates humankind, but are a soulless sadistic inhuman creature, better known as a pyschopath.

That being said, there's no one ethnic group which as a monopoly on "gangsterism." As the Rockefeller's who are Northern Baptists have a hideous history of human exploitation. Their policies for over a century have been equally if not identical to the Rothschilds. They too funded Hitler like many other Western industrialists and have been immersed in Malthusian eugenics. Possibly the reason for the renewed interest in transhumanism where manipulation of humanity via pharmaceuticals or cool techno devices are all the rage among hip techno/fascist billionaires.

Think about it, if these ghouls can control your body and brain you'd work like a slave laborer in a Foxconn Factory in China and "never" think about jumping off the roof at lunchtime as a reprieve from your misery. Geopolitics is a bitch, so don't expect multipolarism to be your savior as thugs from around the planet have been carefully installed because of their desire for power and their ability to be well-mentored in the art sadistic human exploitation.

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Always funny to read fairy tales about the Delusions of the herds of MMS.

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Deeply interesting. I greatly appreciate this summary.

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Murdering them is cheaper and much more profitable. Fewer people living enable a much higher standard of living. A.I. and Robotics will do much of the heavy lifting. If necessary for social order a Caste system can be created biologically.

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Paul Lafargue wrote very vividly and vociferously against the rich of his time, certainly the Rots' were one of them:

"The leading capitalists, the millionaires and billionaires, are sad specimens of the human race, useless and hurtful. The mark of degeneracy is upon them. Their sickly offspring are old at birth. Their organs are sapped with diseases. Exquisite meats and wines load down their tables, but the stomach refuses to digest them; women expert in love perfume their couches with youth and beauty, but their senses are benumbed. They own palatial dwellings in enchanting sites, and they have no eyes, no feeling for joyful nature, with its eternal youth and change. Sated and disgusted with everything, they are followed everywhere by ennui as by their shadows. They yawn at rising and when they go to bed. They yawn at their fests and at their orgies. The began yawning in their mother’s womb."

https://www.marxists.org/archive/lafargue/1900/xx/bankrupt.htm (The Bankruptcy of Capitalism)

But... to be honest, focusing on the biggies is 'counterproductive'... because after all, this description of the rich is no different than the lower classes that became more affluent after some "progress" that has been made after say, the 50s up to our days.

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