So well said that I am EXTREMELY in agreement, fanatically in cahoots, and RADICALLY in support of everything you mention!!


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I took the liberty of translating this article into Spanish:


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Thanks. That's great!

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Conformists are quite ignorantly the extremists. The modern day Hitler youth and compliant Brown Shiirts. Call me stupid but I never thought my family would want me dead for trying to protect them from psychopaths and then from themselves.

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Hear, hear! I heartily agree. At the end of the day, we are for common sense!

I wonder if the term ¨common sense¨ can be traced back to class consciousness... Then word ¨common¨ reminds me of ¨commoner¨.

If you want to have a laugh about how the Powers that Shouldnt Be are making anarchists in Canada out to extremists, see the recent CBC hit piece called When Anarchists Attack: https://www.cbc.ca/newsinteractives/features/when-anarchists-attack

Fucking hilarious. You get the feeling that the reporters knew that they were writing a pro-Gargomel, anti-smurf piece.

Ah well, fuck them, the smurfs always win in the end. Fuck Gargomel.

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Apr 11, 2023·edited Apr 11, 2023

Seeing the abbreviated subject line in your email, "Who are the real 'extre...?" I thought you were gonna say "Who are the real extraterrestrials?" Infinitely more suggestive than extremists who depending on who's talking pop up on all sides of the spectrum. I suggest you write another essay asking who are the real extraterrestrials -- or I will!

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