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"Jacques Ellul points out that members of the political class, divided into parties which seem to be constantly at war with each other, are essentially working together to defend their class status: “And as long as supposedly democratic countries have a political class, they can never have any real politics and real democracy."

I would also say, this concept of "illusionary acrimony" applies to global nation-state conflicts. Where certain countries appear to be at odds with the Empire, but in reality are serving the interests of the Global Empire. That being, China and Russia who on the surface seems to be squabbling with the US, and yes there's real young soldiers being slaughtered as collateral damage in Ukraine, but in reality the leaders of China and Russia are totally embracing the WEF initiatives, the UN Agenda 2030, and the sovereignty of the WHO which is being transformed into a medical IMF.

And this is another reason why humanity is at a cross hairs, as the global elites have already been united for decades and are at the point where technology is allowing their vicious intentions to be overtly displayed as they now have the capability to implement a repressive One World governance which is little more than a neofeudal biosecurity state controlled via pharmaceuticals and a central bank digital currency.

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Paul, Are you acquainted with the great Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan? His DEMOCRATIC CONFEDERALISM, instituted in Rojava always threatened by the fascist Turkish state, is a living example of how to transcend nation-states, capitalism, and endless echo wars.

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