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Great to read this! Here in Ecuador we are at another key point with Lasso the president dissolving the national assembly yesterday because they were in the process of impeaching him. At the same time, the narco trade of Colombia has spread into Ecuador as a conduit for drugs to the US. And the prisons are completely out of control this year with riots that have killed over 400 inmates. And the streets of Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador with 5 million have become somewhat dangerous. We have been working since 2020 to promote the idea of horizontal government (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8) to make Ecuador the first country to do so, to rid us once and for all, of corrupt and controlled government. We have been working with all the indigenous nations and campesinos to bring this about, but still have a ways to go, to make this one single demand. Everyone is sick of the government, but most think the solution is thru a better president, while we know that they are always and easily corrupted (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oilxI6Dgoy8&t=5s). So, now is the perfect time to bring this in, for people to recognize that NO candidate is going to save the day. We would like to see this idea spread throughout S. America and the world. One solution, and we need many more, is to end vertical governments everywhere, end politicians and political parties, and put the power into the hands of the people through assemblies. This needs to be the agreed upon demand of all future protests in my opinion.

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"The answer, for me, cannot be separated from the global coup we are currently undergoing under the heading of The Great Reset."

Some say, the scamdemic was a counterinsurgency operation resulting from the thousands of protests just prior to COVID which occurred on every continent. Of course, transferring trillions to the most wealthiest was another important factor. Well anyway, COVID was treated like a bioweapon and all the subsequent actions to supposedly contain it and the world's populations was a synchronized militarized/security state operation. And if you notice, some of the most Leftist anti-imperialist movements worldwide went along with the official COVID narrative like sheep being lead to slaughter; interesting that.🤔

But I digress, "disaster gangster capitalism" needs a restructuring to secure more goodies for the usual ghouls while simultaneously heightening social repression to control the outraged masses who are increasingly aware they're being exploited. That being said, the chickens are coming home to roost as Global Empire resurfaces under the phony term multipolarity. So in effect, the entire planet is being colonized

by billionaire techno/fascist goons.

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having been following some of the Gilet Jaunes movement in 2019, i was was first shocked by what i saw happening in portland oregon in the wake of the george floyd murder protests when the feds were brought in and seen scooping up people into vans. and then the antifa vs blm narratives that proliferated. only to completely recognize the cooptation of both, let alone libs who have subsumed the idea of themselves as “left”, in the recent reveal of the covid coup when i lost fam and friend alike to their inability or willful ignorance to critically apply their analysis of other corporate takeovers to the crisis at hand.

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2018-2019... and nothing to show for! There is no point in wasting time/resources doing stuff like this if in the end they just want to keep on voting in scoundrels/terrorists/fraudsters.

As for OPERATION COVIDIUS it helped to reveal Reality. Modern moron slaves (apparently the 'rebels' in this article) weren't that rebel after all.

Never "tested", Never jabbed, Never masked, Never locked... Go figure.

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Someone younger, healthier, wealthier and better connected than me will have to organize a worldwide army to fight against the tyranny. Small groups will be killed

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Glad you used the word "plutocratic".

Now, get rid of money. Plutocracy is rule of the banksters.

So, where 's the rebellion against money , which definitely runs the show?

Money is the enemy, for starters. It's one thing to throw bras into trash cans and burn draft card notices...quite another to fess up to real "christianity" and give all the pluto stuff away.

Bound to the hip with the plutocrats, by love of money. We have a long way to go. Particularly the French, whom Foucault reminds us...considered the American Northwest Potlatch Culture to be "criminally insane"....because they gave away...shared...their accumulations, their "wealth", their "stuff".

"Criminally insane" ...I know, I was raised French Catholic....have travelled the world.

The French are the cheapest, tightest money grubbers on the planet. Or they are immensely creative, as they claim to travel the world and have all they need without ever any money to speak of!!

French folks would rather display their genitals than their money. All eighth house matters...secrets.

The "plutocats" don't have the French by the "balls" , they have them by the greed.

Europeans have been living high off the murdered hog of the rest of the planet for far too long. All things fall. And most tend to fall right back down upon that which "erected"...for a favorite term...them.

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