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Thank you for your goodness and for your consistent work for humanity. God bless you and your family. Amen.

An interesting essay I read about six years ago mentioned recent archæological excavations near Gobekli Tepi in Turkey that found settlements from about 12,000 years ago. These places had no armouries, no central government, no overseers, and no evidence of chains or slavery. We truly lived together in peace. I believe that is our heritage and that is what God wants for us.

What you call "with-energy" and a sense of connectedness, I found very accessible at a Quaker meeting of the religious society of the friends of Jesus. We often call that same energy "the Holy Spirit."

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Wow, massive. "Criminocrats" sounds like a newly identified ethnic minority.

All of your titles just echo what women, who are still engaged in the most world wide continuous war of all, the war that never ends, said and did... all this and more....over and over and over again throughout time. As long as women are "unheard", all of humanity will remain "unheard".

Perhaps the only way to "win" a war is to end all warring. Which would require a thorough acknowledgement and pacification of each human's "battlefields" of passion, aggression, and ignorance.

The "Them" vs. "US" paradigm has never held water. It's a leaky sieve held over a paper crown. Ask Drumph, he has the script, as do so many of his "peers", "actors" all.

Over and over again, "winning the war" turns US into Them and Them into US.

A violent homoerotic dance,a sword play, penis spectacle, that never ends.

Congratulations, that's a massive effort. I'm sure it feels amazing to see it fully birthed. Now it takes on a life of it's own....don't be attached. Blessed Be.

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the ultimate goal is smart cities where transhuman people will live.

we already have the ISO of smart cities, now they just need to publish the ISO of their transhuman avatars.

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Thanks. I'll share the book link on Tuesday when I do my weekly roundup.

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Good...Glad to see the scope of your New International Resistance is as wide as possible. Instead of just banging on some lost "leftists" or in fact any sliver of broken, confused, paranoid, fearful humanity. Cause we're all in this together, we're all lost together, we're all victims of the awful wrong turn called monotheism, precursor of denial of pleasure, precursor of capitalism and (gag) the "work ethic." Ushered in by a class/caste system with the first Empires, the vice grip of militarism, the banishment of our ancient past alive with connection to spirit, nature, the Goddess. Or soon all of us will be gone, our dreary political identities included

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Criminocrats? Did the Democratic Party change its name. 😁

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